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24.04.2017 14:15”Lean Management Office” (LMO) is the next generation Project Management Office (PMO) Matti Haukka

Imagine a PMO that truly supports organizational and business transformation through change programs, development projects, investments, product backlogs, and smaller scale development activities. A PMO that has reached this level could be called a LMO (Lean Management Office).

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23.03.2016 10:57The Ultimate List of Things That Just Don't Work Teppo Nurminen

It seems to be trendy to write numbered lists of everything you should do at work in order to succeed. So, I decided to write a list of everything you should never do at work. 

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02.02.2016 09:36Are we destined to fail in projects? Teppo Nurminen

There's quite a few things that animals are not capable of, but which us humans master just brilliantly. These things include self-delusion, excessive optimism, and denial of facts.

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11.12.2015 09:48Holistic Project management – start doing it now! Teppo Nurminen

In my training profession I hear the same statement time after time. It happens early into the day, the minute people open their mouths for the first time, presenting themselves: ”I’m a project manager in a few projects, I think, or that’s at least kind of what I do. I mean, I’m not sure if they are really ‘projects-projects’, but I feel I’m kind of responsible for them.” 

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