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23.03.2016 10:57

The Ultimate List of Things That Just Don't Work

Teppo Nurminen

It seems to be trendy to write numbered lists of everything you should do at work in order to succeed. So, I decided to write a list of everything you should never do at work. 

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This list is more or less a summary of my authentic observations over the years, so if things sometimes roll as smoothly as trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube, please double-check your behaviour against this list:

  1. do you arrange the same fruitless campaign or event every year, thinking that maybe this year it will finally work? 
  2. do you initiate a new development project every time you spot a need – without checking what possibly happened to all the previous projects you initiated?
  3. do you think that all the undone work will get done if you just set up a program and dump it all into the program – without allocating any more time or money for the job?
  4. do you habitually write project plans, place them on a network drive, and assume that everyone enthusiastically starts working on your ideas right away?
  5. do you launch ambitious future visions with compelling slogans, but without indicating what the practical steps of getting there might be?
  6. do you launch company values – compiled by the management team – and presume everyone now converts into an ideal employee?
  7. do you construct a quality assurance system, and assume that from now on the system assures the quality, and the people do not have to try so hard any longer?
  8. do you ask employees to start thinking more like an entrepreneur, even if they get the same salary not depending on their performance?
  9. do you think that you can skip a problem and discuss it in the next performance review, you will most certainly remember everything clearly 11 months from now?
  10. do you assume, that if you just have a decent organizational chart, all conceivable tasks are someone’s responsibility and automatically get done?

All the items on the list share one common denominator: your intensions are good, and you want to accomplish something. But each case also share the same problem. You want to accomplish it alone, you plan it alone, and you do not discuss it with the people whose help you would need. The conclusion should be a real no-brainer for anyone: to gain more you should speak more, and after you’ve spoken more you should be listening even more. Sometimes it’s just so hard to remember.



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