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Markku Aarni

Director, Consulting Services
Whether coaching project professionals or developing customers’ project portfolio management practices, Markku’s aim is always to help customers achieve better results effectively.
Telephone: +358 500 655 396

Virpi Elers

Director, Training Services, Trainer
Virpi has more than 20 years of experience in leading projects. Nowadays, Virpi’s work consists of diverse customer trainings as well as development of project management practices and supporting PM software selection and use in customer organisations.
Telephone: +358 50 301 7549

Teuvo Kaikkonen

Senior Consultant, Trainer
Telephone: +358 400 659 160

Matti Ahvenharju

Project Management Trainer
Telephone: +358 500 609 999

Hanna Andersson

Producer (on maternity leave)
Hanna has ten years of experience of competence development and organizing business and project management trainings. Hanna works as a training program manager and content producer.
Telephone: +358 50 421 2363

Matti Haukka

Senior Consultant, Trainer
Matti is one of PIF’s founding partners. He has over 25 years of experience as a project management consultant and trainer. He is also internationally renowned as an expert in the field and gives i.a. IPMA Advanced PM courses.
Telephone: +358 500 506 004

Vesa Ilama

Director, Business Development, Trainer
Vesa's experience spans from project, program, and portfolio management to various PMO and leadership positions. He has also given project and strategy management trainings. At PIF, in addition to his management role, he works as a trainer and consultant.
Telephone: +358 40 548 3529

Johanna Leviäkangas

Project Management Consultant
Johanna's background is in IT system development project management. She helps our customers as a project management and agile development consultant and trainer.
Telephone: +358 50 4341542

Teppo Nurminen

CEO, Trainer, Coach
Teppo has more than 20 years of experience of managing international R&D projects and developing project models and individual competences. He is particularly interested in strategic and leadership issues, in projects and in business life in general.
Telephone: +358 40 550 4806

Mia Petäinen

Director, Development
Mia has over 25 years of experience of developing project management practices and project portfolio management in different organizations. She has a broad experience as a project and program management trainer for upper management and project managers.
Telephone: +358 50 436 2496

Mika Purola

Project Management Consultant
Mika is an experienced HRD expert, project manager and trainer. At PIF, Mika works as training program manager and trainer.
Telephone: +358 50 572 1872