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04.04.2017 11:23

IPMA certification is a proof of professionalism

If the career of a professional project manager feels like your thing, or if you have been working as one for years already, you might want to consider getting certified.

To find out more about the certification levels and procedures, visit Project Management Association Finland’s website, 

Project Institute Finland arranges intensive preparatory training courses for the C level certification. IPMA C is known as a professional project manager certificate. Anyone with more than 36 months’ experience project management is eligible for certification. Candidates must pass a method and leadership skills test of 2½ days duration. The most demanding part is the method skills test where candidates should prove their knowhow particularly in schedule and resource management.

We strongly recommend taking a preparatory training course to ensure succeeding in the certifications test; see our schedule for upcoming training cousres in English

We arrange company-specific IPMA C preparatory training courses as well, as for Cimcorp’s project managers in 2016:

”Cimcorp Group’s projects are complex, international delivery projects. It’s important that the project managers have the necessary skills, and that we can show proof of that to the customers. We arranged an IPMA C preparatory course with Project Institute Finland, and all 11 candidates passed the certification test. On top of that, the training gave lots of ideas and tools for further development of our project business. If you aim at 100 % success, I recommend choosing Project Institute Finland for training partner.”

- Jari Jylli, Director, Project Management at Cimcorp Oy

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