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Privacy policy of Project Institute Finland Ltd.

Personal Data Act (523/1999) Section 10

Created on April 24, 2018

1. The Registrar

Project Institute Finland Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Project Institute Finland")
Address: Metsänneidonkuja 6, 02130 Espoo
Tel: 09-4391410

2. Contact person for matters relating to the Register

Teppo Nurminen
Address: Metsänneidonkuja 6, 02130 Espoo
Tel: 040-5504806

3. The name of the Register

Customer register

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The information is used to deliver services and products to a customer, billing, customer relationship management and development, advertising, marketing, direct marketing, and marketing targeting for customers.
The customer has the right to deny direct marketing directed to them.

5. The information content of the register

Information about the customer and the customer contact is collected as little as is necessary to manage the customer relationship. Depending on the different uses it may be:

- first and last names
- job title
- organization
- email address
- telephone number
- Finnair Plus number
- billing information
- Business ID
- billing address
- billing reference
- registration code
- e-invoicing address
- Special Diet

6. Regular sources of information

- Information provided by the customer
- Personal data obtained in connection with the provision or maintenance of the service
- Public data sources are also used.

7. Ordinary deliveries of information

Information will not be disclosed except for services that generate Finnair points for the customer. In this case, the required customer data will be transferred to Finnair's system.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Data is not transmitted outside the EU or EEA.

9. Principles of registry protection

The information that is electronically processed is contained in firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted technical security features of the other security industry. Only those who are identified by the controller and the technical maintenance personnel have access to the information contained in the register. All customer-related information is protected by task-based, personal access rights, and we try to prevent access by outsiders to the data. All personnel has confidentiality in connection with all customer data. Discarded and unnecessary data will be disposed of as far as possible. The Customer may, if desired, request Project Institute Finland to remove their data from the register.