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We provide expertise and solutions in all areas of project culture development

Developing project practices and processes is actually developing your business. Even if your customer deliveries aren't projects, your business evolves through product, production, and process development projects. Our PM Culture Excellence™ framework offers solutions for project culture development in project environments of all kinds.

  • Organizational structures that support project management are the key to successful projects. Typically, project support functions are organized as a Project Management Office (PMO). We help you organize a PMO and determine its task areas according to your needs and resources.
  • Competence development through project management training ensures that project managers and staff have the skills needed and work coherently. We offer both tailored and open trainings – with guaranteed results, starting from the very first training hours!
  • Without common practices and terminology, project business is both difficult and haphazard. Project management tools and methods unified in a common project model make succeeding easy for everyone. Our project model is tailorable to your organization, scalabe, and ready to use in one week. 
  • Project management software solutions are designed to help you optimize project priorization, as well as project schedule and cost management. We help you choose and implement a software suitable to your business needs.