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Projektitoimiston perustaminen

Project coaching

Coaching is an effective way to enhance project competences. Our coaching process is suitable for individuals or groups of six (6) at the most. 

Typical results of the project coaching process:

  • More effective project management
  • Enhanced focus on issues relevant to the project
  • Enhanced ability to set objectives and make decisions
  • Clearer "big picture" and future vision
  • New insights and perspectives
  • Better use of existing skills & knowledge
  • Enhanced motivation, commitment and wellbeing at work
  • Higher self-motivation, self-drivenness, and sense of responsibility
  • More effective use of time
  • Enhanced cooperation skills
  • Enhanced readiness for change

  • Enhanced ability to solve challenging situations

Companies using coaching as a part of their competence development process have seen progress in their business productivity, product or service quality, and customer satisfaction.

For each coaching process, objectives are set according to customer-specific needs.