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Improve your project success and business results with Infocus

Infocus is a tool for assessing and developing organizational project practices comprehensively. The service covers the assessment of current project activities and suggestions for improvement, giving you a roadmap for future development actions.  

  • By assessing the strengths and development needs of your organization's project activities, as well as the success of your recent projects, you will understand why some of the projects don't reach their objectives.
  • Based on the assessment, we can formulate a comprehensive development plan to improve project success and business results, to benefit the entire organization.

Infocus is not only an outsider consultant's view on your organization's project activities and development needs. The assessment is conducted as a cooperative project between the customer and Project Institute to ensure that we understand the customer organization, ways of working, and the people involved in projects. We want to make sure that key persons and management are committed to the assessment process and to implementing the development plan.