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Project management is all about leadership

The most important skill of a project manager is the ability to make things happen in such a way that objectives are reached. A skilled project manager knows how to make everyone involved in the project feel important and motivated, and keeps everybody continuously up-to-date on the project status and their role in it. Communication and cooperation skills are project managers' core competence. At Project Institute, we have over two decades of experience of project leadership training to project managers, project owners and PMO managers.

Different leadership styles

We are all different, and that is a valuable asset in project teams. Our tool for distinguishing differences in personality, temperament and habit is the PeiliTM assessment, resulting in a personal behavioral profile that helps you see your behavioral style like others see it – "peili" is Finnish for "mirror". It also gives you an insight in group dynamics and negotiation skills. Different people feel comfortable with different tasks and are motivated by different things.

 PeiliTM helps you
  • build trust with different parties throughout the project (project team, owner and steering group, customers, suppliers, authorities etc.)
  • enhance communication with project stakeholders 
  • cooperate smoothly with different people by understanding their behavioral styles and what motivates them
  • develop your own communication skills and your ability to encounter different people
  • find ways to give feedback, negotiate, and solve difficult situations
PeiliTM is a framework provided by our long-time partner company Integro Oy.