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Open Trainings of Project Management


The proven effectiveness of our courses and training programs stems from our long-term experience and solid expertise in today's project business, as all of our trainers are continuously also involved in customer development projects.

We offer both short (1-2 days) courses and longer training programs for all levels of project organizations. All our open courses can also be tailored specifically for your organization.  

Learning by doing

We know that knowledge only transfers to practice by hands-on doing, which is why our training methods build on the Action Learning principles: we encourage participants to look actively for answers to actual challenges in their own projects, to question status quo practices and develop new ones, and to continuously assess their own and their organization's learning process. Our training solutions range from online courses to case studies and hands-on exercises, where participants get to implement project planning and management techniques to actual projects or situations. Rolling up your sleeves and trying something new is the way to new ideas and insights, leading to actions and change!   

Group wisdom

Our trainers are experts in the project field, but at least as much as from them, training participants learn from each other. As participants engage in spontaneous benchmarking, exchanging thoughts and ideas, they become aware of how similar project related challenges are, regardless of organization and industry. And judging from the laughter that carries from groupwork tables, learning together with colleagues and peers is fun, too!

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