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Project Management Fundamentals (eLearning course)

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This e-learning course is suitable for anyone who is likely to take an important part in or manage a project. It gives newcomers (students, project team members, beginning project managers) the possibility to acquire essential basics.


At the end of the course, the learners will have acquired a technical, formal and procedural knowledge. They will have learned the fundamental methods and tools of project management to successfully undertake their first projects.


The course is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German


The e-learning limits the theoretical aspects to the essential and privileges interactivity. The learners are strongly challenged, confronted with problems that they have to learn to solve themselves by doing numerous exercises.

Throughout the modules, the learners acquire knowledge that they can immediately put into practice.


Coaching is included in the course. The learners are followed by a distant coach that ensures that they make regular progress and oversees the exercises they make. Learners may ask the coach questions via e-mail. The questions will be answered within one working day. Coaching languages are English and Finnish.  


Approximately 12 hours (depending on individual studying pace)


You can watch a demo of the Project Management Fundamentals course here.


600 € (+ VAT)

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