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Project Management Fundamentals (eLearning course)



This e-learning course consists of 9 modules:

  1. Project initiation and organization
  2. Scope definition and development of the concept
  3. Planning of activities and resources
  4. Risk analysis, monitoring and control
  5. Estimations, budget and cost control
  6. Quality planning and control
  7. Performance control and change management
  8. Training and team building, communication
  9. Project closing, lessons learned

Each module includes the following elements:

  • The Theory section presents the essentials in a few words: what is it about?
  • The Exercises propose an interactive learning process, with the resolution of case studies.
  • The "How to…" section explains the systematic approach.
  • The Example describes one or more concrete experiences.
  • The Checklist contains the most important points that should never be omitted.
  • The Pitfalls put emphasis on traps to be avoided.
  • The Test checks if the concepts have been acquired.

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