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Preparative training for IPMA C certification

4. - 5.10.2018

Basic information
Course location
Scandic Helsinki Aviacongress, Vantaa
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Course level
Preparative training for IPMA C -certification

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for you if…

  • you have at least few years’ experience and basic knowledge in project management
  • you desire to be an IPMA -certified project manager
  • you would like to improve your skills in time and resource management

Objectives and benefits

In this training you will learn to use practical and systematic tools and methods needed to manage project scope, schedule, resources, and risks. You are going to acquire a good base to pass IPMA C level certification exam with a little additional practice.

Training methods

An experienced trainer will introduce various topics and leads the group discussions to explore them further and to gather participants’ experiences. During the training days there will be plenty of opportunities to practice and acquire a routine for using different calculations and practical methods intended for planning and following-up a project. There also will be homework for additional individual practice and a practice exam, which will simulate the actual certification exam. If you intend to attend the IPMA C -certification exam, you should reserve appropriate amount of time to read recommended literature, and to practice various methods and calculations.


This training provides the greatest gain for you if you have earlier attended some basic level training in project management. Alternatively, you may have acquired corresponding knowledge and skills in project related concepts and methods. All individuals registering for IPMA C level certification should have a minimum of three years of project management experience in responsible leadership functions of projects with limited complexity.

Registration to IPMA C level certification is done through Project Association Finland website ( See the website for more information about entry requirements and guidelines ( , or certification exam dates (

Each year, more than half of IPMA C level certified individuals have attended the IPMA C preparation training organized by Project Institute Finland. The pass rate for those individuals is higher than average. With this training and provided self-study instructions and exercises you will use your preparation time wisely and effectively.


1200 € (+ VAT)

If 3-4 persons attends from the same organisation, the discount is -20% per person.

If two persons attends from the same organisation, the discount is -15% per person.

Earn 5 000 Finnair Plus points!


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