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Preparative training for IPMA C certification

4. - 5.10.2018



Day 1, 9:00-16:30

Introduction to IPMA C level certification and training process

Project Management framework

  • Basic definitions: Project, Program and Project Portfolio
  • Project life-cycle and objectives
  • Project management processes

Project integration Management and Project Plan

  • The purpose and content of project plan
  • Stakeholder management

Scope Management and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Scope management as a base for schedule and resource planning
  • Systematic breakdown methods
  • From WBS to Task list
  • Project implementation phase models

Methodology exercises

Schedule Planning

  • Schedule management processes and scheduling techniques
  • Dependency planning and application of activity network technique
  • Estimating work amounts and durations

Methodology exercises

Resource Planning

  • Composing a Resource Plan
  • Managing resources in multi-project environment

Methodology exercises

Day 2, 9:00-16:30

Risk Management

  • Risk Management process
  • Risk Identification and analysis
  • Risk response planning
  • Risk control

Methodology exercises

Project control and forecasting

  • Time, cost, and quality control in projects
  • Measuring progress and forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Following up project costs: Committed costs & Earned Value Method

Methodology exercises

Organizing a project

Homework assignments

Online meeting, 9:00-11:00

Walk-through of the Test Exam solutions

Review of key topics

Preparation tips

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