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25.9.2018 8.55

Matti Ahvenharju China PM Review:n haastattelussa: All Success Finally Depends on People

Journalist’s introduction: As project managers, self-awareness is essential, so do you have an accurate assessment about your behavioral competence? PeiliTM Behavioural Profile is a useful tool that can fit your needs in this aspect. As the Owner of Integro LTD (Peili), Matti Ahvenharju shares his experience, reflection and observation on project management with us.

In 1997 he bought Peili company at the age of 50, which was something new to the engineer who had believed in systems and organizations. This offered him a new opportunity to explore himself, his behaviour, and how others see him. As he has put it, “Changes and surprises in personal and working life have given me the opportunity to grow not only as a project manager but also more importantly to grow as a human being.”

As PMI Pulse of the Profession indicates, four in five respondents report that soft skills such as communications, leadership and negotiation, are more important today. Matti Ahvenharju agrees with this. He believes that soft skills equal people skills. In the initial years of his 40-year career, he attached great importance to systems, methods, etc. However, gradually he came to realize that it is people that matters most in project management.

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